The Best game being called Fifa 17 Tricks

The summer holidays are over for a while and EA Sports FIFA 17 now reads well for the new football season.Just like every year there are some changes from the previous edition: The Journey is a new story mode, gameplay and controls are changed slightly and FIFA Ultimate Team has some new features.To start the season right well we have this FIFA 17 tips put in a row. With our basic tips you learn to get the controls to master. We have a guide for Ultimate Team and one on Career Mode. But also lists of the best players in various categories.

First know some general things about FIFA 17? Then check out the five things you should know about FIFA 17 on our YouTube channel.

We have our FIFA 17 guide divided into five overarching categories. Click through the links below to dive deeper into the tips and visit specific pages. triche fifa 17

FIFA 17 base: control, scoring goals, free kicks and more


To win in FIFA 17, you must of course start with the basics. We explain below guide all of the game play on the football field: scoring, defending, passing, free kicks and so on. Mandatory food for newcomers or veterans who want to brush up the basics for a while.

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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team: team building, make money, Team Chemistry transfer market and more


Collected you used to like stickers of football players, then Ultimate Team all for you. In the guide we explain below how you start building a team, how to earn money fast, how that darn Team Chemistry works and how the transfer market can use both convenient and lucrative.

FIFA 17 Companion Web App and manage your Ultimate Team remotely

You do not always have to stay home to manage your Ultimate Team. Thanks to the Web and Companion Apps you can do this on the move. Read it in guide below all about.

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FIFA 17 Career Mode: talent, work, money, career, and more


Always himself to be a professional football player or coach? Follow this  link free fifa 17 coins for details on how you can earn more money, at whatever talent you have to keep an eye, how do you improve fitness and statistics of your players and finally how you combine all of this into a rewarding career.

The Racing Thunder Game With Some Mind Blowing games

I made a top 10 best games of 2015 know very well that opinions are divided and the top I tried to be objective and watch these games created after impact, and the number of downloads. Let’s begin.

1) FIFA 16 – is by far the best game of football for Android, and a great game expected this year, I think he deserves first place.

2) PixWords  – well, this game I especially after the large number of people who have downloaded, as you know has created a phenomenon in which the Internet was full of screenshots and troubleshooting, and addiction was great She had her moment of climax but slowly, slowly, declined.PixWords phenomenon deserved 2nd place 😉Review here .

3) MORTAL KOMBAT X – a great game with plenty of action and good graphics, much awaited Android worth playing.

4) Shadow Fight 2  – another fighting game, a great game of strategy and action, divided on several maps with different opponents, more powerful. Review here.

5) ZigZag – A game that caught the time of publication, everyone is fighting for the highest score, demonstrating that they are the best, as demonstrated this game you should not have a big name to be loved .

6) Into the Dead – you do not want to be eaten by zombies? Then run, run and watch all comes your way. Do you have a gun? Then shoot everything that moves! Survive as more and defies zombie apocalypse.

7) The Walking Dead – A fairly new game, released in October, where again you will need to survive.Build a shelter to withstand enemies. Review here .

8) Need for Speed ™ No Limits  – as we already know, a very loved racing game with excellent graphics, fluid gameplay and adrenaline. Disadvantage? Require permanent connected online.

9) Asphalt 8: Airborne – A very good racing game with good graphics, exciting gameplay, with many fast cars.

10) Zombie Tsunami – a game arcade, a side scrolling where you must collect as much money and eat as many people to bring in your zombie horde, we have a detailed review here .

And a bonus: First Touch Soccer 15 – An excellent alternative to FIFA for mobile weaker.

That was all 😉, these were, in my opinion, the best games of the year, of course there are many other good games if you have a suggestion on top, share it with us


The Best Drag Racing Game of this season is None Other than CSR Racing 2 (Games, iPhone and iPad v1.4.4, 4.5 / 5-3365 votes, VO, 723.7 MB, Game Center, iOS 8.0+, NaturalMotion) was released a few days ago and it is estimated that the risk meeting a success, just like its predecessors. only CSR Racing 2 is not so simple, even simplistic, one might think at first. It requires the investment of time and possibly money for those wishing to progress faster than average.   The site PocketGamer published a small English-start guide providing tips to optimize its progress in CRS Racing 2 . Here are the best tips to start as a pro.
Look after your departure

The first few seconds of a race are the most crucial and if you plan to get ahead of your opponents, must be accelerated when the speedometer is in the final position each time. This way you will avoid skating and therefore a disaster. When the clock begins the countdown, we must accelerate until the needle is in the orange segment when the account brand ‘2’ . This way, when it will fall will be located in the green at the beginning of the race.

Do not waste your booster


The first few seconds of a race are the most crucial and if you plan to get ahead of your opponents, must be accelerated when the speedometer is in the final position each time. This way you will avoid skating and therefore a disaster. When the clock begins the countdown, we must accelerate until the needle is in the orange segment when the account brand ‘2’ . This way, when it will fall will be located in the green at the beginning of the race.

Do not waste your booster

It sounds tempting, but if you have a good start, resist the temptation to use your booster until you really need it. When your opponent starts to gain ground on you, this is the right time to use the boost and maintain your advantage.

Performance before the cosmetics

It is also tempting to start spending your money in cosmetic improvements. But an optimization perspective, it is better to focus on performance improvements that will win races more easily. When you have free Nitro improvement, focus on the tires. Make them strong and decrease the likelihood of slipping to perform better on the road. Be greedy In CSR Racing 2 as you need resources do use the best csr racing 2 unlimited gold , there is so much to see from it is easy to forget the awards or to be suspicious about free gifts. However, take everything you are given and constantly check left menu to get your rewards. This will bring you the money for the improvements you need.

Learn to change gears

The most important lesson to learn in CSR Racing 2 is shifting. Do it correctly and you drive at optimum speed. To achieve this, keep your eye on the speedometer constantly and remember the best time to switch the speed. You will recognize the good time when the gear shift does not impact your appearance. If you have your own tips to share with us and our readers, please provide them in the comments.

Manga, On Reddit.

Crunchyroll, the leader in streaming Anime and Asian content, is set to emerge as the digitally distribution Manga leader, starting with it’s brand new mobile app! The research divided the participants into 2 groups – one group played video games with violent theme and the other group played video games with non-violent theme. This has been proved to sharpen the thinking abilities of players who are used to playing the shooting games over time. One of the darkest and most difficult games like Skyrim will have hardcore gamers rejoicing at its difficulty. In my opinion if they bring Bleach back it will probably happen after the manga ends.

At EBGames/GameStop, a pre-owned game costs about $10 less than the new game’s price and the digital version (PC) costs about $12 less. Not only does it get you away from the television but it also gets your blood pumping for more action. Sportacus also encourages the kids to participate in outdoor games and activities and parents see this as good viewing for their children to help discourage eating junk food and playing video games. In feng shui, the greedy dragon of ambition is one of the strongest symbols of good luck.

A manga about writing manga, Bakuman tells the story of artist Moritaka Mashiro and writer Akito Takagi as they strive to become professional mangaka. While the simple approach to the layout and background might no be attractive to many players, the game still has many loyal fans that like the no nonsense approach of it. While Goku is still the most popular Dragon player, the others like Vegeta, Fieieza, Ghoan, and Cell have quite a large number of fans also. This is a mascot racing game where players take on the role of characters from Sega franchise games. Head Soccer Hack

Goku, who used up all but 30 minutes of his earth time by fighting Buu as a Super Saiyan 3, gets back to the lookout to teach Goten and Trunks the Fusion Dance. One could get a dose of manga comics and converge it with business oppurtunities meted out by the best Seo tools in the market, all this at a sigle web portal. A climactic fight scene between Trunks and Cell is full of energy, and it delivers the sort of action fans crave. Flash can be used to create action, adventure, educational, first-person shooter, puzzle, sports , or role playing games.

The second reason that The Hunger Games is a great movie is that the director and the scriptwriters stayed very close to the story in the book. These suggestions on DS games for kids should really get your collection off to a good start. What is involved in Lolicon (and the male equivalent of Shotacon) is simple: having cute, pre-pubescent, female, manga characters engage in sometimes very explicit sexual acts as a part of the story line. Most games of this type would be dress games where you can transform the outfit of your option just like you would in real lifestyle.

Clash Royale Hack Cheats – Unlimited gems Online

Clash royale Juewlen hack




So you have your hands on the hot, deck building RTS for mobile phones, but you keep getting your ass handed to you in the arena? Well, don’t worry, because we‘ve got you covered with this Clash Royale tips and tricks.


When you are in the field, you can use the maps in your immediate hand using up to Elixir points. These are determined by the purple number on each of the cards. You will find that you will start the match with five points and the Elixir bar slowly fills. It is really important that you’re not wasting all your points so easily. Ration is intelligent to ensure that you don’t have dead time while your enemy lands all their units on the field at once.


This also means that you need smart about how you build your deck to start. Sure, Princes and Giants are incredibly strong, but they both cost a hefty five Elixir points. This could mean disastrous if those are the only two units on the field for you, and you‘re off after recovering your Elixir of zero. Create a balance of more small units, medium and large. For example, I‘d like a Giant (five), a Prince (five), a Goblin cabin (five), a musketeer (four), Fireball (four), Valkyrie (four), Bomber (three), and Arrows (hold three).


Find the balance that suits you, but please bear in mind that the smaller units are definitely usable Elixir in a crunch.
In the Arena, you will find two watchtowers and a castle on both sides. A moat separates the two countries and there are two bridges (left and right) on units use to cross. Keep in mind when you are placing your cards that wherever you a unit to drop, that’s where they land. So, let’s say you have a Goblin Hut on the field. Drop someone behind them and they will have to go around the hut, takes some time. On the other hand, if an enemy unit charging (such as the Prince), leave a random small unit for them to hinder their advance. Please also note that if you have a lookout tower, that the plot of the squares is you allowing you to place units if you want. This is good to even more units to get closer to the enemy Castle, even worse.


There is an abundance of strategies that can take you in your quest to be the best ruler in Clash Royale hack.


Prince is an epic card Clash Royale who either can make or break your day. If you have him, the world is nice and sunny. If your enemy has him, life sucks. He has a ton of health, costs five Elixir points to eject, and does double damage when he is being charged (and he always gets charging, believe me).


In short, you’re going to want this guy on your team. He absolutely wrecks and who has him will make him use it, so better to fight fire with fire in this case. Provided, of course, you know how to get him.


Fighting in Clash Royale cheats are fast-paced. If you run out of the clock and it’s earned a draw with the amount of Crowns, you’ll go into overtime. If a tie again, it’s sudden death and the winner is the one who takes the following Crown. Because it is such a tight game, you’re going to want to act quickly in your decisions. Look, it’s very nice to have a total run and covers both watchtowers before going for the Castle, but you don’t have to do that. Step in and get out. Take down a watchtower and then go straight to the Castle. If you get that, you give all get crowns anyway, even without those at the bottom of this second watchtower. However, if you are going in overtime and only win by taking down another Watchtower, what do you think? You don’t have to get the Crown for the Castle. So always, always, always, aim for taking the Castle. Crowns are cool to make money.


Clash Royale: Tips and tricks for beginners
Each unit behaves differently in Clash Royale Hack. They can all do some damage, but they certainly work in different ways. Learn how each of your units moves and acts accordingly and you will be able to respond to every situation in a fight. Let meexpire some behaviors the cards :
Giant – major damage and health, but only to buildings. Ignores enemy units fully, stamping directly to what building is nearby.
Prince – major damage and health. Will load after a few seconds of moving and attacks while charging leads to double damage.
Archers – low damage and health, but come in pairs. Can derive units for a moment as such. Good for the flying units.
Goblins – low damage and health, but fast and come in a pack of three.
Bomber – low health, but a lot of damage.